Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've been doing these designs lately that have a lot of personal meaning but very little broad appeal. Like my Memories of Home houses. Or this design.

I really enjoy illustrating them, but they've been terrible sellers. The 1950s ranch house didn't even make the Top 50 in Spoonflower's fabric of the week contest.

This latest design actually came in at #22 out of 180 entries. Not too shabby, considering how I thought a person would have to know something about Berwyn, Illinois to at all appreciate the fabric.

Now to order a stack of swatches so I can put more fabric up for sale, including this one. I'd love the City of Berwyn to order a bunch and use it to upholster chairs for their offices or something.


  1. I found you on Urban Threads, and in case you weren't sure it's a small world, I live in Forest Park- down the road from Berwyn! Great fabric!

  2. Oh my word I love this! I was born 38 short years ago in that little town and spent quite a bit of time there three years ago trying to sell my grandmother's house in Cicero. Small world.