Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014, the Year of Good Stuff

I've always wondered about the philosophy of "everything happens for a reason." If I look back at situations that got me to where I am today, personally and professionally, I can definitely connect the dots. Everything influenced what came after it.

So, A (no money for college) led to B (a "cheap" state school fully funded by student loans) led to C (my freshman roommate who moved to Chicago) led to D (me moving to Chicago) led to E (meeting my husband and having three awfully boisterous but wonderful little ones), led to F (a Christmas present led to my art licensing career), and here I am.

But, does everything REALLY happen for a reason, or do we figure out a reason for everything that happened, after the fact? Do we have any control over it?

The point of all this is, I think sometimes it's good to be proactive to make sure that they're GOOD things happening. (Though I do believe that something good can be found in just about everything. Case in point, the cat "accidents" (ugh) over the past week resulted in a sparkly clean laundry room.) With that in mind, here are the good things I'm planning for 2014:

  • Paint (take Flora Bowley's Bloom True e-course)
  • Develop a truly awesome portfolio (MATS Part B & Bootcamp should help)
  • Get a couple new licensing partners in the Home, Gift and Wall Art categories
  • Figure out the details for an art/craft book I want to write
  • Update my website, including only the stuff I really love to do (and deleting the stuff I don't)
  • Be more calm more often
  • Draw every day

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